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Selective Outrage - Rock rocks

Just finished watching Netflix’s first ever live comedy special, the Chris Rock special called Selective Outrage. He killed it with his take on the Kardashians, Megan Markle, woke capitalism by corporations, racism among blacks, his own daughter’s privileged upbringing, dating 45-50 year old women vs 25 year old ones, and how to recognize a neighborhood by who is not working at 12:15 on a Wednesday afternoon. That’s it. Oh wait a minute, forgot one teeny thing. For one hour the audience in the theater and the one watching on TV held their breath. And then in the last 10 minutes he unleashed, and how, on The 2 Weirdos - Will and Jada Smith and their selective outrage, how this had nothing to to do with him. Instead it was all about the weird crap going on in their marriage with her committing infidelity and then having the stupidity to interview Will about it and ask his opinion on it in front of the world. His pent up anger was misdirected towards Chris because everyone else had called him a bi*** and Chris became the fall guy. He kept quiet for a year and chose this perfect time on the 1 year anniversary using the only weapon he knows, comedy not violence.

Right on brother, revenge is a dish best served cold.

March 4, 2023

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