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WWII in Color : Road to Victory - History not to be repeated

WWII in Color: Road to Victory on Netflix is a new 10 part series. An absolute must watch for WWII buffs. It’s all real archival footage which has been colorized which adds stunning new perspective to the old grainy black and white footage we grew up with. The episodes are not in chronological order but take various turning points or theaters of war and go deep into each in roughly 50 mins. I have seen 3 so far - Dunkirk, Battle of the Atlantic and The invasion of North Africa. The propaganda tactics by Goebbels where he blames the sinking of a British civilian passenger liner SS Athenia on Britain themselves will remind u of the tactics used today by supporters of Jan 6. Even to seasoned buffs there are revelations. I knew about the battles of Tobruk and of El Alamein and Rommel and Monty, but had absolutely no idea that the Allies had fought in battle against each other in North Africa. The British fought the French in 1940 and later the French fought the Americans and both sides suffered heavy casualties before they all came to their senses.

In a world that increasingly resembles the fascist autocratic times of that era, this series is a grim reminder of where things can head.

January 30, 2022

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